Friday, October 05, 2012

Flocked for PINK FRIDAY

We have been FLOCKED!

The Pink Heat team came in the night and flocked the Town of Leonardtown with PINK Flamingos for PINK Friday.

Pink Heat team was created in 2009 and participated in their first Relay For Life in Charles county in Jun
e of 2010. Since then they have raised over $17,000.00 for the American Cancer Society. This year our team goal is $10,000.00!

The PINK Heat team was created stemmed from a member experience with cancer in her family. Her grandmother passed at age 62 in 2007 from breast cancer. She had been a survivor for 12 years before it returned. During those years she had a Relay For Life team in Texas and was very committed and involved in fighting for a cure. In 2004 the member became active with a team local in her home state of Pennsylvania and in 2008 a job brought her to Maryland. She joined a team to meet people and participated as an individual in a Relay. It was in 2009 while walking the track in the early overnight hours of the Relay that she had her vision for creating her own team and carrying on the torch for her grandma. Her Grandma was so strong in her belief in technology and advances in medicine today that there would be a cure and that she wanted to carry on that belief and help fight. The team started with 8 people and fundraised with bake sales and yard sales. Now they have grown to 30 team members and are able to hold bigger events like the flocking and their upcoming Craft Fair in November and a Charity Ball in March!

Pink Heat and Relay For Life have become a passion and lifestyle. We so blessed to have so many wonderful people on board this team who want to fight against cancer.

We thank you for reaching out to us and donating to have your town flocked. This is a wonderful opportunity for a great cause.

Our blog is:

Our flocking for a cure event is also on Facebook!/events/451351298249711/

Tiffany (her story)
Pink Heat Captain