Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Southern Maryland Anne Penman Laser Therapy

Southern Maryland is the site of a new, innovative business, Southern Maryland Anne Penman Laser Therapy, providing support for those who want to stop smoking, lose weight or manage stress with a painless, non-invasive, cold-laser light therapy.  

Co-owners, Penny Brueggemann and Kassie Blazer, have recently partnered to bring this service to Southern Maryland.  Laser Therapy is an increasingly popular way to stop smoking, beat stress and lose weight using energy points in the body using a pain free, harmless, cold laser beam which helps release natural endorphins. These “feel good hormones” help to combat the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, including cravings, irritability and high stress levels.  You can finally feel good while doing something very important for your health!

The innovative process has gained much acclaim throughout the world – Penny and Kassie are excited to offer this business to Southern Maryland residents as the first of its kind in Maryland.    They are accepting appointments immediately.  

Southern Maryland Anne Penman Laser Therapy is located in Leonardtown, at 22530 Washington Street

See more information on the Maryland link at:, or call 301-904-4339 for appointment information today.