Thursday, November 12, 2020

Code Red Message from St. Mary's County Health Department

This is a Code Red message from the St. Mary’s County Health Department. The Commissioners of Leonardtown report that a sanitary sewer overflow has occurred on November 12, 2020 as a result of large rain amounts collapsing the ground surrounding an 18 inch sewer line causing the pipe to break. As a result, wastewater has entered Town Run which flows into Breton Bay, in the Breton Bay Drive, Van Wert Lane and Calvert Street vicinity.

Human contact of these bodies of water should be avoided for ten days. The drinking water supply is not impacted by this incident in any way, your water is safe to drink.

For more information, contact the Commissioners of Leonardtown at 301-475-9791 or the St. Mary’s County Health Department at 301-475-4321.