Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Changes to Residential Trash and Recycling Collection Schedules and Contractor






After a competitive bid process, the Town Council of Leonardtown recently awarded a five year trash and recycling collection contract to Affordable Refuse and Recycling, Inc.  This contractor will begin serving Leonardtown customers on July 1, 2014.  The goal of the transition plan is to execute this contractor change with no interruption in your service.  Please take a moment to review this information to determine how this change will affect you and what you can do to help.  If you have any questions before, during, or after the transition, please contact the Town Office at 301-475-9791.

How often will garbage be collected?
                        Twice per week.  Your collection days may change.  See the attached list to determine your collection days.

How often will commingled recyclables be collected?
                        Once per week.  All recyclables will be collected on Wednesday.

Will my collection time change?
Probably.  It may take a few weeks for the new crew to establish routine collection times.  Please make sure your toter is at the curb by 7:00am on collection days.  If you are concerned that your toter was missed, please call the Town Office as soon as possible.  If the collection truck is still in Town, they may be able to return to collect it the same day. 

What do I do with my existing Goode Companies’ toters?
These garbage and recycling toters belong to Goode Companies.  Continue to use them and place them at the curb until they are replaced with new toters provided by Affordable Refuse.  Your new toters will be delivered simultaneously with pickup of your existing toters.

What if I don’t have existing toters?
You are not required to use toters.  You can continue to use your own containers, and the garbage and recyclables will be collected as usual.  If you would like to start using toters in the future, just call the Town Office at 301-475-9791 and delivery will be scheduled.  This is a free service, but all toters remain the property of Affordable Refuse.

What will the new toters look like?
            New toters will be black.  You will receive one toter for garbage and another toter for recycling.  The recycling toter will have a yellow top and be clearly marked RECYCLING ONLY.  The recycling toter will be the same size as the garbage toter.  This decision was made to encourage as much recycling as possible. 

What if I am out of town when this change occurs and my toters are not at the curb?
            The new contractor anticipates it will take a few weeks for all existing toters to make their way out of the system.  They will collect garbage and recyclables like usual and swap out the toters along the way.  Please be patient as they work through the transition.  Your waste will be collected regardless of which toter is at the curb.  If your toters have not been exchanged by July 18th, please report this to the Town office at 301-475-9791.

How will this change affect my quarterly charge?
This change is effective July 1, 2014.  You will not see a change in your quarterly charge until the September 30, 2014 billing period.  The new service charges will not be approved by the Town Council until June 16th, but we expect the new quarterly charge will be less than $53.00; a savings of 23%!

What if I need backdoor service?
Affordable Refuse will continue to provide backdoor service to those residents that have a permanent or temporary disability that prevents placement of toters at the curb.  We ask that you please call the Town Office prior to July 1st to discuss your circumstances and make arrangements for this service. 

Will holidays affect the collection schedule?
Certain holidays will affect the collection schedule.  The Town’s newsletter, website, and social media accounts will be updated to remind residents about changes to collection schedules.  In general, when a holiday is observed by Affordable Refuse and Recycling, Inc., all collection schedules for the remainder of the week following the holiday will slide forward by one day.  This is referred to as “holiday slide”.

Why does the collection company leave the lid open after the toter is emptied?
An open lid allows the supervisor and customer to know that the toter has been emptied. 



Academy Hills – all streets

Leonard’s Grant – all streets

Singletree – all streets

Eldon Court

Greenbrier Road

Henderson Drive

Hollywood Road

Laverne Lane

Mattingly Street

Mile Post Lane

Spalding Lane


All other streets in Leonardtown



All streets in Leonardtown

Please feel free to call the Town office if you are unsure of your collection day.