Monday, June 30, 2014

Residents who may still have Goode Trash Removal Toters

This pertains to those residents who may still have Goode Trash Service toters that have not yet been picked-up. Because we do not know exactly whose toters have not been picked up, we ask that you please call the Town office 301-475-9791 to let us know your address so that we can let Goode know where to pick-up the toters.

Tuesday’s trash will be picked up by Affordable Refuse even if they are in a Goode Trash Toter. 

Goode Trash Removal will then do a final pick-up of the empty toters on Wednesday, July 2nd.  Please place both your Goode empty toters (recycling and regular) trash toters curbside on Wednesday, July 2nd for pickup.

Thank you for your assistance as we transition from Goode Trash Removal to Affordable Refuse.